SATCO® SAT640 Controlled Fixed Felling Head

Key Features:

  • 8cm (3”) Drive Arm Pins for strength & long life
  • Extra ‘dead length’ in cylinders for superior seal life
  • Oil Impregnated Bushes for less wear
  • Well protected hoses and valves with easy access for service
  • Bar release valve for saw chain replacement or tensioning
  • Removable covers for easy servicing
  • SATCO® Auto saw tensioning
  • Continuous Rotation - 360°
  • Heavy duty saw and swing arm with 270° rotation
  • Saw bar out light
  • 2 sets of independent jaws
  • Self Leveling Sensor

SATCO® has attachments extensively servicing New Zealand, Australia, The United States, Brazil, Chile, Asia, Africa and Canada.

The SAT640 controlled felling head is a large capacity fixed felling head with 2 sets of jaws that can be independently operated or at the same time as each other. The wrist that the SAT640 is mounted off has 360 degree continuous rotation. This wrist can be connected directly to any Excavator bucket C linkage.

The SAT640 saw unit is supported by a large 30 cm (12”) diameter slew bearing making it a very robust unit especially when felling. The saw utilizes a heavy duty SATCO® auto chain tensioning system with a 50” bar and 3/4” chain.
SATCO® also use a unique locking system for the saw sprocket to prevent broken drive shaft keys and damaged saw motor shafts. The saw bar has a unique 270 degree rotation making a front cut easy to perform without having to reposition the base machine from felling position.

The wrist is mounted to a large diameter slew ring specially designed for this application. There are 2 purpose built rotate motors used to drive the slew with an override holding relief built into each motor. There is also a float option which can be easily engaged when shoveling or loading.

Starting at 3550kg (7800lbs) and requiring 200 LPM (52.8 gpm) (US) at 280 Bar (4000 psi) this felling head does not require much from the matched 29-45 tonne base machine it is connected to.

The SAT640 advantage over a dangle type felling head is where there is an application for controlled felling. The SAT640 can also be used to shovel, load a truck and has an advantage on steep slope to assist in support of base machine. The SAT640 is also useful for sweeping the skid site of forming a track on a steep hill-side.

The SAT640 is constructed using high grade materials and manufactured using the best robotic welding wire for a far superior weld.

The SAT640 Controlled Felling Head is a versatile saw head, its résumé includes:

  • Fall and bunch for ground based crews
  • Fall and bunch for a swing yarder grapple
  • Windblown sites – Safe for handling fallen or 'hung up' stems
  • Truck loading
  • Woodlots
  • Sorting and stacking stems
  • Steep slope tethering
  • Controlled felling of trees